Christening favors Reso Lion 8Χ8Χ11,5cm M10276 - 1
Christening favors Reso Lion 8Χ8Χ11,5cm M10276 - 1
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Christening favors Reso Lion M10276


SKU: M10276

Brand Name: Adorex

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Christening favors Lion , frame print on plexiglass, on a wooden base with a place for a lampshade

possibility to print your own design

The heater is not included.

The price is for 1 piece.

The values refer to:

1. Pure object

2. Object, tulles and ribbons (25x25 cm tulle and ribbon in color of your choice). We're sending you all the materials for assembly.

3. Tied bonbonière with its frames (cost depending on the type of boxes). The price of the ready-made bonbonière includes 5 boxes of the type you choose.

Dimensions:  8Χ8Χ11,5cm

Minimum order quantity: 24 pcs.

Delivery time: 20 days.

After submitting your order (electronic or telephone) our representative will contact you for any clarifications.

After selecting your christening bonbonière you can then find affordable packages for boy and girl and a wide variety of designs from christening martyrdom, wish books, swimming decorations, church decorations and christening invitations.




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