Welcome to our online store www.fantazystores.gr.

The purpose of the operation of the website fantazystores.gr is the retail sale through the internet.

The owner of the e-shop is the company ''PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS.'' based on Vas Street. Georgiou 1 in Kalamata, P.C. 24100. The TIN of the company is 066706945 and the competent tax office is the Tax Office of Kalamata with headquarters in Kalamata and the number of GEMI 15509145000. The contact numbers with the company are 27211 01164 & 27211 10903, and the contact email is info@fantazystores.gr

These terms of use govern transactions, purchases, returns, consulting services, the use of website data, the protection of personal data and the security of transactions of each user.

When you enter or register on the website www.fantazystores.gr is deemed to be agreed and you unreservedly accept these terms and conditions of use. For this reason, please read this text carefully and in case you disagree or disagree in the future with part or all of the terms, please contact the company immediately.

The website fantazystores.gr may modify the terms of use without prior notice except the publication in the online store with the indication of the date of modification.

1. Intellectual Property

The content of the website consisting of the texts, images, photographs, logos, trademarks and software, are the intellectual property of THE COMPANY PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS . You may not copy, reproduce and use (in whole or in part) the content for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS. It is allowed to copy and store in digital form (only on a personal computer that is not connected to a computer network) the information material and photographs in case it is intended for personal and not commercial use.

2. Restrictions on Behavior and Use

Users are required to:

Not to disclose material or in general the actions they carry out, not to bring to the company PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS. criminal or civil or administrative liability. The disclosure of illegal, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, harmful, or any form of objectionable material is prohibited. In any case, they must comply with the relevant Greek and European legislation and codes of practice.

To provide true personal and delivery information of the products. The password stated during registration is unique and personal and in case it is found to be stolen, users should immediately inform the company PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS. In case of any change in personal information, they should be updated immediately.

Not to gain unauthorized access to material and not to store or publish material that is protected by copyright without the consent of the rightholder.

Not to disclose material that contains any form of advertising or display of products or services.

Do not disclose links that lead to addresses other than fantazystores.gr

The company PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS reserves the right to refuse to disclose material that does not comply with the above rules or is considered to harm its interests. Also for the same reasons it is possible to delete material that has already been made public. In this case, users are kindly requested not to try to republish the specific material.

In case that due to an incompatible act of a user, the company PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS is obliged to pay any form of compensation, then the specific user is obliged to pay this amount to the company.

3. Limitation of Liability

The informative content of the website fantazystores.gr which consists of texts, photos and videos is drawn from the same sources and after being processed by specialized personnel of the company PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS is posted on the website. In case any problem is detected, users are asked to immediately inform the .gr fantazystores in order to check and correct the material.

3.1 Availability deficiencies

The fantazystores.gr has a dynamic product range. The shipments of the new orders are executed a few working days after their registration in the online store. In a few cases and periods of offers or discounts may be slightly longer than usual. In the event that some products, while they are posted in the online store, are not available due to a general lack of suppliers or the abolition of their circulation in Greece or due to force majeure or bad weather conditions or for any reason it is not feasible to receive them from the .gr fantazystores, the company assumes no responsibility.

3.2 Inability to provide services

The fantazystores.gr makes every effort to ensure that its services are available within the hours and the specified time limits. However, it shall not take any responsibility in the event of failure to perform any service due to the fault of the courier companies it cooperates with, or of a malfunction of the internet service provider, or of the internet hosting provider or of the internet payment processor or of the electricity provider or telecommunications service provider.

3.3 Malware

The fantazystores.gr uses professional tools and software for the continuous – round-the-clock – surveillance and prevention of malicious software from its code. However, under no circumstances does it assume responsibility for the possible contamination by such software of the users' equipment. In any case, it is recommended that when you log in to the website fantazystores.gr you have valid and up-to-date antivirus software installed on your equipment.

3.4 Civil liability for loss of profits

Sales made are for products intended for personal use. fantazystores.gr assumes no civil liability due to loss of profits, or loss of goodwill.

4. Transaction Security

For the security of your transactions the company PAPOULAKOS KON. THEOPHILOS on the website fantazystores.gr uses the SSL protocol with 128bit encryption. This way all your transactions are encrypted so that they cannot be intercepted when transferred to the internet. The execution of electronic payments by credit or debit card is done through transportation in a secure environment of the bank, and the company in no case manages or stores data of the customer's credit or debit card.